Wellness to me is eating well and staying active to help keep a clear MIND, healthy BODY and nourished SOUL.

When I am dealing with tough things in life, my comfort is food and always comfort food so making healthy choices is daily work but it is all about planning and a routine. Having lost over 50 lbs I struggle, but it is not about being perfect so I use the 80/20 rule .

Every day I do something good for myself and when I do I feel like I am the best version of me and able to take on so much. there are times I allow myself to enjoy tasty food, skip a workout...life is for living and quality of that life is better when choices made are habits good for me.


Struggling with self image and weight my whole life has definitely made it harder and as I age my goal is always to keep a balance between my body and mind. Daily motivation, self affirmations, meditation and self love 💕 may sound like I am a mess... and like everyone some days I am. But mainly it is a way to appreciate myself for who I am because that makes me unique. Clearing my mind takes on many shapes from activities to rituals to cooking.


That happy state. What makes me appreciate moments and days to the fullest. When my body is in tune with my mind then my soul is happy. There are many ways I feed my should and sometime that is with good company, activity, food or just me time.