Balance by S

Balance to me is wellness. Wellness is not just eating well and staying active. It’s about keeping a clear MIND, healthy BODY and nourished SOUL.

Every day I do something good for myself ,and when I do, I feel like I am the best version of me and able to take on so much.


Struggling with self image and weight my whole life has made appreciating myself full time work. Self conscious for a lot of years I have finally come to a point where I have balance. I am not obsessed with being a certain size and more focus on maintaining a balanced life and making choices I can live with. Daily motivation, self affirmations, meditation and self love 💕 may sound like I am a mess... and like everyone, some days I am. I have found self appreciation has healed me and cleared my mind of most self doubt. Clearing my mind takes on many shapes like cleaning, crafts, cooking, exercise and all other kinds of simple things.