daily sparkle

everyone needs a does of sparkle

Every day is unique and no matter how hard i try some days are just not that easy. during my last couple years when i would say life was not at it's sparkliest i read a couple of good books that helped me "positive up" and get back some of that sparkle that i lost.

one helpful thing along the way was affirmations and lots of them. Self affirmations... reminding myself that no matter what "i can", "i am", "i deserve".

this page is for just that, motivational sayings that hit me and apply to what i am feeling in the moment. feeling confident doesn't come to everyone naturally and sometime even though it does, life circumstances can change that and make us all doubt ourselves.

Now i resolve every day not to self doubt but instead self inspire. flipping the script on my own life!

GLITZ MONDAY - when you need that extra bit

TUESDAY - Twinkle - you are on the up swing

WEDNESDAY - Wink at your week - it's half over

THURSDAY - Glimmer - tomorrow is Friday

Friday - FAB - endless weekend possibilities. You owned the week

SATURDAY - Shimmer - sparkle time baby! enjoy

SUNDAY - Funday - live it up and resolve to kick Monday's ass