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When I am dealing with tough things in life, my comfort is food and always comfort food so making healthy choices is daily work, but it is all about planning and a routine. Having lost over 50 lbs I struggle, but it is not about being perfect so I use the 80/20 rule .There are times I allow myself to enjoy tasty food, skip a is for living and quality of that life is better when choices made are habits good for me.


My story of losing 50 lbs.

I am a regular person and if I can do it anyone can.

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Being Active

Is a large part of my daily routine and helps me keep my head clear and mood elevated. Not everyone gets the same benefit from endorphins that kick in when you work out but I definitely do. Moving around really matters to how I feel but being active can take many shapes and variety is important so you don't burn out with having the same stale exercise routine. HOW I STAY ACTIVE and make time for myself a priority. An hour a day dedicated to just me. It is about variety and sometime things that don’t look like exercise. Keeping a balance vs. having a strict routine helps me get some mind and soul nourishment while being active.