My story of losing 50 lbs.

I am a regular person and if I can do it anyone can.

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Being Active

Is a large part of my daily routine and helps me keep my head clear and mood elevated. Not everyone gets the same benefit from endorphins that kick in when you work out but I definitely do. Moving around really matters to how I feel but being active can take many shapes and variety is important so you don't burn out with having the same stale exercise routine.


HOW I STAY ACTIVE and make time for myself a priority. An hour a day dedicated to just me. It is about variety and sometime things that don’t look like exercise. Keeping a balance vs. having a strict routine helps me get some mind and soul nourishment while being active.


I am not one for New Year resolutions but I do set goals for myself and those can be anything that I feel I want to focus on for the year. Having battled the scale my whole adult life weight loss creeps up occasionally and making good choices is definitely a part of my daily life but it takes focus, discipline and work.  My social events always include food. My family and circle of close friends all love to entertain so we spend a lot of time socializing which for us is great food and wine. We play games, watch sporting events, take weekend getaway trips, holiday gatherings and of course happy hours and try new food spots.  Shutting off my life is not something I am willing to do so when I allow myself too many freedoms (like over this last holiday season) there comes a time to re-focus. My personal rule is a 5 lb allowance up or down. When I hit the top 5 lb range I feel my clothes get tighter and in the words of my friend Dave "it's time to buckle down". 

My goal is fitness and wellness based. I am starting this year to reshape my body with exercise so I have more lean muscle mass. 

Focusing on weekly goals is also less intimidating because doing something for a week is so much easier than weeks or months. Good habits take time to develop and after they become routine they kinda stick.