my spring looks

After month of sparkle it is hard to get back into regular, not glittery clothes. One way is to keep some shine going into spring…let’s be honest I have to keep shine going in all seasons. Color however is a great way to get me moving forward into spring. Here are some of my outfits that started 2019

Here are some of my tips to develop your own personal style.

  • When you are comfortable in your outfit it comes across better.

  • Push style boundaries and mix patterns, colors and accessories. Sometime having those fashion misses helps you get to fashion hits.

  • Step pout of your comfort color zone. Buy patterns and colors. Have a stylist at stores like Nordstrom help you pick out some things, or a friend like I did and see what they suggest. People tend to see us differently and often pick out things we would not.

  • Play with your wardrobe and try to pair things differently.

  • And most recent thing I do…take a photo of what you are wearing to see what it really looks like. Sometime I am feeling like OH YEAH… but in reality it’s like OH WHAT? In a photo for some reason you can see if something is a STOP or GO.

My favorites for Fall/Winter Season 2018

Style is so individual and clothes to me are a way to express my mood and personality. When it comes to my closet I certainly have some favorites and things that are my staples. Jeans are one of those items and many of my looks centers around them. Shoes and accessories play a huge part in my wardrobe often starting some of my looks. When I shop I tend to always end up with shoes even if I find nothing else… total fetish but I love it. Biggest tip I have for anyone is to wear what you like and what feel comfortable.