my home is my happy place

majoroity of my time is spent at home and not because i am a hermit. I have a full time job working for a company as a home based employee which has been a huge adjustment for me. At firts i hated it !!! the drastic switch from being around people to only interacting over the phone was a lot for my bubbly personality to take. 

After about 6 months I began to adjust and now close to a year in i am totally loving it. visiting our corporate office is so weird now and when i work there i notice how much less i get done. without any commute time, lack of interruptions by other people, not needing to leave for lunch and ease of getting ready every day I can focus on work earlier in the day and get MORE DONE. 

separating work and home is a balancing act WHICH STARTS WITH HAVING A DESIGNATED WORK SPACE AND Making sure my work space and living space are comfortable, functional and organized... a huge part of keeping the balance


My grandmother was a wonderful home cook and some of my fondest memories are over family meals together. She truly had a passion for all things home maker and a lot of it she passed on to me. There was nothing too hard for her and whenever anyone wanted something special she was off to buy all ingredients and made it happen. Baking was her expertise and especially strudel either cherry or apple. Making strudel dough was the greatest thing to watch. She would knead it with her hands, roll it out to a point and then throw over a table cloth on her dining room table to stretch. Worst was when her dough would get a hole in it, she would get so mad. It had to be perfect and when it wasn't she grumbled until she fixed it. Good thing about Doug.... you can patch the hole with more dough. Pizza dough and couple of grandmas baking recipes get me all riled up when I can't get them perfect, but over the years I learned its not about perfect it is about the memory and enjoyment of doing it. I cook because I want healthy ingredients but also a variety. My inherited gift from grandma is my ability to pair ingredients together into a meal.  Knowing what would taste good together I am a home chef that makes food without a recipe. I think it and cook it and a simple and healthy way. My way of keeping grandmas traditions and a bit of her home maker lifestyle alive. Cooking is love made visible.