A special strong woman in my life is why I love all things beauty. My mom has no desire to age, but since that is not up to her, she has decided to fight father time with all her 5'1" might. She spends a lot of time on her beauty regiments and taking care of her skin from inside and out. Eating well helps but don't mistake that good products and daily routine make a ton of difference. 

My grandmother on my moms side had fabulous olive complexion, and now that I look back her skin was like mine more toward oily. She aged but never had deep set wrinkles or lack of skin elasticity. My mom I can see has inherited that, and as I age I think I have too. All through my early years I hated having oily skin but now I am so happy I do for aging reasons but of course I blot 10 minutes after applying makeup. I shine like a diamond and that is not always a good thing

Troubled skin haunted my teens, so a good skin regiment is key in my life. From cleaning to masking and all in between…I am in. By having a good routine I cleared my skin and keep it healthy and glowing.