Sparkle by S


Beauty is individual and embracing myself inside and out is key to my happiness. I have struggled with self image issues my whole young life mainly because I looked different than girls I went to high school with. My shape was more curvy, my hair was curly and I was born in Croatia so I was always told I looked exotic or different. Growing up where I did in Southern California, a lot of emphasis was placed on looking a certain way. In my 20’s I struggled with finding my individuality, and experimented with all things beauty. I experimented with hair color and tried it all from platinum to dark brown, always settling back to golden blond where I found the woman I am today. Makeup was a big part of my life from early years in college, mainly to cover up acne issues, but as I developed a good skincare routine I started to enjoy makeup a lot more to diversify my look. Today I am confident with myself and my unique look and find ways to accentuate that. I love all things beauty! From hair products, to skincare, makeup and nails, I will try it all. To me being a girl is amazing and beauty products make me feel confident, pretty and sexy. To me pretty varies day to day from none, to some to full glam. I am a woman, I am complex and so is my beauty toolkit.


Another strong woman in my life is why I love all things beauty. My mom has no desire to age, but since that is not up to her she has decided to fight father time with all her 5'1" might. She spends a lot of time on her beauty regiments and taking care of her skin both topically and from inside out. Eating well helps but don't mistake that good products and daily routine make a ton of difference. 

My grandmother on my moms side had fabulous olive complexion and now that I look back her skin was like mine more toward oily. She aged but never had deep set wrinkles or lack of skin elasticity. My mom I can see has inherited that and as I age I think I have too. All through my early years I hated having oily skin but now I am so happy I do for aging reasons but of course I blot 10 minutes after applying makeup. I shine like a diamond and that is not always a good thing


I love to experiment with products. Makeup is a great way to get different looks and take on whatever persona matches my mood. I have my favorites and trends I get into at different times, but my overall makeup style is put together, but not over done. Most of the time my looks take 15 minutes or less. What I find most comfortable is makeup that wears well and feels comfortable on. If something is annoying on my face, it has a short lifespan in my makeup drawer.


HAIr by S

Only one in my family with curls I had to chart my own course through these waves. As a child I had straight hair with you know a little wave at the ends then somewhere around 8 or 9 it started to curl and went into full blown tight curls in my teens. The battle of products and treatments began at an early age and I tried all colors and styles other than curl given to me. A series of bad haircuts did not helps but eventually I grew to love my hair. Today I think it makes me unique and stand out and I do all I can to keep it looking shiny and healthy.


my beauty tips and tricks

I am willing to try different things and love experimenting with natural products as well. One of my favorite things is finding different ways to use products I have or buy. Shortcuts and practical ways to incorporate treatments and makeup into my busy life is another must for me. Getting together with my girlfriends for beauty inspired events has become a quarterly routine where sharing our tips and tricks takes center stage. I truly love time I spend with other women, bonding over things as simple as makeup.




keeping up with new products, seasonal trends in makeup and skincare is as simple as a visit to nordstrom.