Staple dress for year around

What is considered a fashion staple?

Based on this article in Glamour magazine here is the list of items every wardrobe should have. Essentials that are timeless and always on trend. Reason I included this article is because they offer links and alternatives with each item, giving options that work with many body shapes.

  • Black trouser

  • Plain white tee

  • Ballet Flats

  • Elegant Blazer

  • Slip on Sneakers

  • Striped shirt

  • Sleek pumps

  • Dark Wash denim

  • White button down

  • Little black dress (LBD)

I have all of these essentials except ballet flats. No matter how much I try, just not thing I cannot get into. Loafer is more my style of essential shoe. But in my world there is more to what I find essential, or staple for my wardrobe.

What makes something a staple item for my closet?


Functional clothes are things that I can wash myself, no ironing required, simple to pack, comfortable, fit well and look good. When I wear it, I don’t want to fidget because something is pinching or grabbing. Yeah that may sound funny, but we have all had this happen. You buy it, wear it and then it scratches, slides, grabs, and just annoys you. Kind of like jeans when I put on a couple extra LBS.

Versatile clothes are things I can easily incorporate into my closet, coordinate with other things, wear evening or daytime, and pretty much go from church to night club in . Not that I go from church to nightclub, but you get my point. I like things that can be casual or conservative but also a bit sexy with some accessories.

Good value for me is really anything on sale that I will use. I love sales. If something is on sale and meets my first two criteria, it is in. Lately I have been asking myself “Do I need it?”, which most of the time is a no and stops me from emotional purchases. Otherwise, I think of how good of a deal something is by looking at price and thinking how I can use it. What value I will get our of buying it depends on a few things really, but sometime my inner shopaholic just has to have it. When it comes to clothes here are a few questions to help you decide if something is a good value.

  • Do I have something like it?

  • Will I get a lot of use out of it?

  • What else in my closet does it work with?

  • Do I need it?

  • How long will it last ?

  • How do I wash it and care for it?

This post comes in with help on the last item, LBD. Little black dress…the perfect year around dress. Currently it comes in 8 colors, but they vary year around. Leith Ruched Body-con tank dress is a Nordstrom staple. Size I am wearing in these is MD. My normal is SM, but with body-con dresses in light color I tend to go a size up.


What makes this dress a wardrobe staple?

It comes in basic colors and has no pattern. Ruched on the side flatters the waist and tummy. Length is above knee but not short, appealing for many ages. Tank makes it a good option for summer months, and because it is high neck, it covers bra straps. No need for special bra here! Easy to layer or throw over tights, this Leith dress is available at Nordstrom year around. I got these 3 colors in spring, so I skipped the black, which I will for sure go back for. Each was $45 on sale, regularly $56. Does it pass my staple test?

Functional - Yes it is wash and wear. Polyester, cotton blend. This will pack up nicely for trips. No scratching, itching, sliding…comfy.

Versatile - With sneakers, sandals, boots, high heels. I can accessorize it for evenings out and really transition from day to night. White and black would be my two most used colors, but I can see blue or burgundy working well with a lot. Here some looks with various sneakers.


Good Value - $45 price for a dress I can wear year around. I say yes, this is my next LBD. Throw it on, jazz it up and enjoy.

Comfortable, reasonably priced and cute, this body con style makes me feel sexy and confident. I highly suggest trying this on at a Nordstrom near you, or doing a little online purchasing for an at home fashion show using my Link right here. What color are you getting?