Time management tips for women

Are you a working mom? wife? both?


Are you a busy woman in general?

Most of you will probably come back to me with another question “Who isn’t?” and you would be right on. We are stretched in so many directions that it gets crazy and overwhelming trying to do everything in a day. If you are a super career woman or a mom you have probably nailed how to squeeze more into less time but here are tips to think about so you can achieve the max. Many of my friends refer to themselves as multitaskers and I have done it too, but it is not how you will get the most out of your day. Checkout some ways I have found that work for me.

  1. Sleep - make this a priority so your battery re-charges and conquer. Being tired will make you sluggish and waste time. Stick to a sleep routine just like your kids do.

  2. Set daily goals - my preferred tool is a to do list, but focused on most to least important. I always ask myself does it have to be done today and why? If not urgent, it goes on my stand by list. This makes my list doable.

  3. No multitasking - focus your attention to one thing at a time. Only thing I will say I can truly multitask and encourage you to, is beauty treatments. While I am doing house chores, I tend to throw on face masks, hair masks, etc. Before a shower is great too. Throw it on so when you are shaving and soaping the masks can sit and you can rinse and go.

  4. Imperfect is ok - hard one for me, but I have learned that it is better to get things done, than strive for an ideal that may not be achievable. Having a perfect body, being a perfect wife and mom.

  5. Online time suck - surfing the web wastes time, so limit the time you and your family spend online.

  6. Fun - stress is a productivity killer, so plan time away and enjoy life. Get out of the house and do things.

  7. Delegate - ask family for help with chores and house items. You can’t do it all, so why try and get everyone frustrated.

  8. Be in the now - Find focus so you can be present in what you are doing. Meditation is something that I have started to implement that helps calm and focus me. When I feel stress creep up, I take 10 minutes and breathe.

  9. Time chunk - plan your to do list in time chunks and stick to them. If you tend to merge int multitasking stick to a schedule. Set alarms and reminders to help.

  10. Re-organize your schedule - try doing things you can move around at different times and see if your day flows better and helps you with more productive/focused hours at work and home.