Summer 2019 - Beauty Faves list

This summer my theme is PINK, MOIST, GLOW with a little EXTRA.


Even though I wear peach, coral, blush and red lipstick and blush hues, by far my favorite is pink. It makes me feel good, but it complements my skin and I think gives it a more youthful look. Loving MAC Candy yum-Yum lipstick and Bobbi Brown Pale Pink blush…Addicted!


Both are matte finish which works well with oily skin and summer glowing skin

Bobbi Brown Blush is powdery and goes on smooth but easily layers for a brighter look. Great pigment and even though it looks shocking pink, it is not that bright on.

FYI: Featured in Glamour Magazine "2018 Beauty Awards" for Best Blush (April 2018)

MAC Candy YUM YUM lipstick - matte creamy finish. Even when I start to melt and get hot, this lipstick stays on and is less prone to smearing. I have found matte lipstick so much more durable in general and my fave of faves is MAC matte. This color is bold and bright. Great alternative for anyone that wears reds or other bold colors.


Living in dry climate moisturizing is always in. SO CAL is fab in so many ways but did you know it used to be a dessert? Maybe sounds weird to hear me say moisture in summer, but yes. Sun exposure starves skin of moisture and making sure my face is hydrated goes a long way in my battle with aging. Same with my hair. Humid climates have a lot of moisture in the air and though I melt in humid weather, skin and hair thrive.

Erno Laszlo Hydra Therapy Sleep Mask - simplest beauty item to throw into any routine. Before bed, put it on and go to sleep. Done! Info from Nordstrom site about this specific mask and I agree with research figures they list about skin feeling softer, smooth and less dry.

What it does: A true breakthrough in beauty sleep, its memory gel texture melts into your complexion, replenishing the moisture skin can lose overnight (up to 25% of its levels). Prickly pear, green ginger and mugwort extract, which are known as the brand's 24-hour smart hydrators for their ability to attract water in challenging environments, moisturize and protect patched skin; winged kelp extract, rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9, helps boost skin's collagen and elastin; and a fruit-derived dual-action recovery complex helps strengthen skin's defenses as it brightens for a youthful, healthy glow.

Research results: From Nordstrom website listing this product.

In a consumer perception survey of 34 people:

- 100% agreed the product left skin feeling soft

- 100% agreed the product left skin feeling smoother

- 97% agreed the product left skin looking radiant

- 97% agreed the product left skin with a dewy glow

- 97% agreed the product left skin feeling less dry

- 94% agreed the product left skin feeling firmer

- 97% liked the unique texture of the product

Ouai Haircare - Leave in conditioner. Benefits include de- frizzing, heat protection, detangling and moisturizing hair. Totally agree. Great product for net day hair refresh as well. Curly hair needs extra moisture and I feel summer time, even more. Great scent, not sticky, light feel.


I tend to wear less face makeup in summer, because I run hot and my face melts. So not to look like a melting wax face, I will skip foundation and use light tinted moisturizer with a touch of glow like Hollywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilbury.

BENEFITS of Hollywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilbury (copied from their site)

The ultimate high gloss, high glow celebrity-skin-filter-in-a-bottle! This was born on the red carpet makeup, inspired by technology, for real life, in real time that looks amazing on-screen or off.

• Smoothing airbrush polymers roll over your complexion for a poreless-looking, creamy finish.

• Glossy Oil is a lightweight moisturizing oil that reflects and adds light to your face where you need it.

• Finely milled powders soft focus, makes lines and pores appear smoother which means it only ever looks as amazing in real life, as it does on camera.

• Porcelain Flower Extract is a brightening ingredient derived from a Thai flower with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to enhance microcirculation and brighten skin.

• Ideal for superstar-lit skin whether you want a subtle glow or a mega-watt complexion.


Ice roller for face. Feels great in warm months and works. Let’s cover the bennies.

Reduces puffiness – Those days we all wake up not having slept well and our face feels swollen or our under eyes are puffy. Cold roller reduces puffiness and feels great, especially in summer months. Nice little wake me up!

Acne redness reduced - Having acne when I was younger my Dr. always told me to ice my face to reduce acne redness. Wish I had one of these back then. I used to put ice cubes in snack bag and hold on my face.

Shrinkage – This is a bonus for everyone like me with larger pores. I was super jazzed to hear it physically shrinks your pores.

Evens skin tone – cold helps even out your skin tone.

Anti aging - Good add into any anti aging routine with benefits like skin tightening.

Aids in lymph drainage and increases blood flow - same benefits as jade rollers.

Relieves stress - I have experienced this first hand with my Jade roller too. Tension held in our face releases when rolling, causing us to relieve stress.

Tones facial muscles - workout for our face.



Bobbi Brown - PALE PINK BLUSH $33



Charlotte tilbury - HOLLYWOOD FLAWLES FILTER $44