Skincare should not be complicated

Skincare products can be overwhelming. Shopping for skincare products is even more overwhelming. Finding what you need and then figuring out what you like, it’s enough to demotivate anyone. Many of us women don’t know where to start, let alone have a good routine for our skin. Heading to a department store or beauty supply can be less intimidating if you keep ins mind what you need. Here is the 101 on how to develop your routine and some things to think about on your journey to great skin.

What is a skincare routine? For me it is a regiment for how I care for my skin. It is something I do every day morning and night.

How do you develop a skincare routine? Determine what you skin goals and needs are. What problem are you trying to solve. Acne, dryness, uneven skin tone, fine lines…

Do you really need a skincare routine? I think it is personal, but I honestly believe the answer is YES. Taking care of our skin pays dividends as we age, and in this day with many pollutants and even more options it is even simpler to do good for our skin.

Why do you have a skincare routine? I battled acne in my teens and 20’s, and now as I age I get flare ups. One thing acne skin taught me is to clean my skin and remove oils so pores would not get clogged. When I actually became regimented and developed my routine I started to see improvements in my skin. So I keep it going, because I have seen it make a difference.

What products do you buy? This is a personal choice because of cost and feel. From drug store to department store there are lots of choices. Sampling products is a great way to find a line you like. My other preferred method is friends referral.

Does morning and night routine differ? It can and it doesn’t have to. Depends on skin issues you face and problem you are trying to solve. For me they are same in steps, but differ in product strength. What I mean by that is I use lighter products in the morning and more dense, heavy creams in evening when my skin is going to rest and rebuild while I sleep.

What are non negotiables? Cleansers and SPF. Never go to bed without washing your face and do it in the morning as before putting on makeup. Don’t forget SPF under, in and/or on top of our makeup. At night we usually wash off makeup or pollutants that collected on our skin and morning time it is bacteria from sweat, pillows, etc from our pillow cases.

Musty have skincare item? Clarisonic brush. It truly is the next level clean and most wonderful thing to get all the makeup off. I highly recommend this for makeup wearers.

Must have serum? Vitamin c. It is all about hydration and that works for all skin types and skin ages.

My favorite skincare item? RetinA. For me it is a magic product and has been for years. I battled acne and now I am battling fine lines and wrinkles and it an item that battles both.

My favorite skincare brand? Right now I am loving Kate Somerville.

My favorite drug store skincare item? Sorry have to give two. Neutrogena makeup remover wipes and Oil of Olay moisturizer.

What order does skincare routine follow?

  • Cleanse

  • Exfoliate

  • Hydrate

  • Serum

  • Moisturize

  • Eye Cream

  • SPF

How do you have time for all the steps? Remember you may not need them all depending on your skincare goals. And not all have to be done every day or twice a day. Decide on a routine and stick to it, then add items like exfoliation, serum, eye creams if/as you need them. Cleanse, Moisturize and SPF are perfect to get anyone started. Add things as you find products you love and get comfortable buying products.

OMG this is so overwhelming I don’t know. Well checkout this Video which is long because it explains all the steps. In second part I actually put on the products and work through the steps. If I am not talking through it, both my morning and evening routines take about 5 minutes, exfoliation excluded. I use a variety of masks and serums that have 10 to 30 minute duration and I tend to do those in the evening while posting on my blog, cooking dinner and even while I work during the day.



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Refresh skin therapy - vitamin C serum $36

Kate Somerville - Dermaquench Liquid lift $95 - $140

Kate Somerville - Wrinkle Warrior plumping moisturizer and serum $95

Moisturizer - my dermatologist

Karte Somerville - Goat Milk Depuffing eye balm $38

Kate Somerville - SPF spray $38

If you like this post and find my advice helpful or use any of the products please tag me in any of our posts on social media. Glowing skin is confidence alive. Be awesome and sparkle.