Daily Face Serums - Details

I definitely have a skincare routine and it was something I just assumed everyone did, but recently I met a woman that used nothing on her skin. I was shocked because I believe in taking care of my skin in various ways and working on “problems” as they come up. When she opened up more she divulged that she was not sure where to begin. There are so many things to do and products to use, it is all too overwhelming.

Well it took me back to when I first started and I completely understood. Good skincare is individual. For me it includes all the serum, potions, lotions…but everyone has different needs.

What do I look for in skincare products?

For me skincare at my age is about hydration, cleansing, reducing acne, anti aging and moisturizing. Brightening is not my primary worry but I use some brightening products to even skin tone. Main goal for me is clean, healthy and naturally glowing skin. All the products I use and new ones I try fall into these categories. There is nothing better than not having to wear makeup to cover up my skin. When I battled acne I used makeup to cover up, now I use it as an accessory.

1) Hyaluronic acid- naturally produced by our body and argest amounts of it are found in our skin.

BENEFITS: Hydration. Its main function is to retain water to keep your tissues well lubricated and moist.

2) Salicylic acid. Exfoliates, great astringent. It reduces oily skin and combat acne.

BENEFITS: Reduce oil in skin, combat acne and exfoliates the skin. 

3) Glycolic acid. “Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane,” . What makes it unique and best for exfoliation is its small molecular size that allows it to penetrate deeper into the skin

BENEFITS: Congested pores, blemishes, fine lines, uneven tone, or rough texture.


3 new products

Fruit Acid 15% Gel Peel by Refresh Skin Therapy

Exfoliation is skin turnover and something I am passionate about so I spotted this at home gel peel at Costco and purchased it to try. It appealed to me because it is Alcohol free,Paraben free,Phthalate free,Vegan and has no No artificial colors, fragrance, or preservatives. This item is $36 per bottle and for once a week use. My Costco purchase was $20…great deal.


Anti-Aging: improve appearance of fine lines, shrink pores, and increase skin’s elasticity for a youthful and flawless glow. It really feels good on an after use I do have glowing skin.


Weekly use

Once a week

Vitamin C Serum by Refresh Skin Therapy

This is where hyaluronic acid comes in. This serum delivers intense hydration for even the driest skin, and penetrates skin deeper than a regular moisturizer.

BENEFITS: Hydration. Lightening effect and it does give skin a smooth overall appearance.

Triple Brightening Serum by Refresh Skin Therapy

Product to brighten all complexions and reduce the appearance of dark spots.

BENEFITS: Glycolic acid encourages new skin cell turnover to smooth and soften. Licorice, Bearberry, and Kojic Acid leave skin brighter and more even-toned.


Daily use

Once daily