DIY - Beauty/Life Hack

Do you like wearing a robe?

Do you run hot but still like wearing a robe in warm months?

Do you wish wrapping a towel around you would stay on?

Well have I got a simple DIY for you. It’s a robe, It’s a towel, it’s both and easy to make. I started making these some years back and have now made it part of my routine. This little towel is strapless so it’s easy to maneuver in, and without full enclosure I don’t get sweaty when I wear it in warm months. It’s perfect for face mask time, hair coloring and just hanging out in after I shower. I love it so much, this year I made one for my bestie.

VIDEO - This is a long one, but it’s because I go through all the steps on how to sew this towel robe. It takes about an hour total if you take your time. I suggest a heavy duty sewing needle depending on towel thickness, but velcro is thick and will require a thick needle.


  • Towel

  • Thread

  • Velcro

  • Elastic



  • Sewing machine

  • Heavy duty sewing needle

  • Thread (to match towel or contrasting color, whatever you prefer)

  • Scissors

  • Seam ripper

  • Sewing measure

  • Pins

  • Safety pins


  • Towel cost me $7 at Walmart and it was a larger size pool/beach towel

  • Velcro I already had but it runs approx $5 depending on how much of it you get

  • Elastic $2 per pack


Sewing is relaxing to me and I enjoy it when I get a chance to work on a fun project like this. It reminds me of my grandmother who was a seamstress and always brings back great memories.

DIY projects are also fulfilling.