Hall Closet Organized

How many jackets and hats does one man need. Well my husband…many. It’s become a joke, but to me not a funny one that he does not pack jackets when we travel and always ends up buying one. Same thing with hats!

One of those annoying things to me, but some battles I don’t fight. After all I had to reorganize the whole bathroom because I have too much makeup. OOPS! 😬

Small hall closet is for Mr. Sparkle’s most worn shoes, his everyday jackets and his and my baseball caps. It was exploding and stacking hats started looking like leaning tower of Pisa.



As seen on TV product for baseball hats that hangs on inside of closet door and holds 32 caps. I purchased this at Bed Bath and Beyond with my 20% off coupon. About $8 total.




Hats all stacked

Jackets and scarves exploding


With scarves on hangers and bunch of hats on new door organizer I made room for my sun hats as well. Stacks of caps are smaller and they are more souvenir, travel themed caps that we don’t wear a lot. One inexpensive item and this little closet is a bit more put together.

Be awesome and sparkle!