5 minute makeup...actually 4

Recently a girlfriend of mine suggested I do a video on a real 5 minute everyday look. Nothing glam and crazy, Just how I would do my makeup when I want to head out the door quickly. Funny enough I don’t take a crazy long time to do my makeup, on average I am done in 15 minutes or less. I rarely wear false lashes so my routine is fairly simple and fits my busy lifestyle. This look is one of my staples for days at home, errands and more.

Tips for this natural look:

Forgiving shadow that does not need blending and I could apply with my fingers. Light lip color with enough pigment but not too much to require using lipliner to look good. Studio fix which is a matte finish with just a little coverage, more to even and mattefy my skin. Matte bronzer used as blush and all over.



Products used in this look:

This look is one of my go to for exercise date with a girlfriend, beach bike rides, overnight trip as next day quick touchup, plane travel. It is simple,. has just enough to look like I have something on, but am not made up.