Egg yolk - hair wash & hair mask

This is shiny, healthy hair. How do I get my curls to shine like this. Simple, I put egg in them. Yes, you hear me right. Eggs are healthy to eat as well as use in hair topically.



shiny hair

When I started Co-washing my hair I had a tough time mentally getting over not using shampoo. I researched different things and learned that egg was also great for hair. It helps with hair strength, shine and moisture. Couple time a month I use eggs to wash my hair, and every couple months I use it in a hair mask.

Link here is to a great site that talks about all benefits of eggs for hair and ways to use eggs in hair masks. One thing I learned, and it was after the video I am sharing is how to reduce the smell of egg, post washing. Add citrus juice and smell goes away…so excited to try it the next time I wash with egg or do an egg hair mask.

  • When I am pressed for time, I use egg yolks in the shower, just like shampoo…I work it into my scalp and rinse in cold water.

  • When I have a few extra minutes I make a hair mask. I have used egg with honey and olive oil for a natural shine and moisturizing hair mask.


This VIDEO shows me using egg yolk and olive oil, so check it out if you are on the fence about using egg in your hair. There is a super important thing to NOTE: RINSE IN COLD WATER!!! You will see in this video what can happen if you don't . It is not a big problem, but warm water will cook the egg and you don’t want to be an egg head :-)

I treat my body and hair well from the inside out and prefer natural for both cost and wellness reasons. Nature is full of beauty treatments and I am ready to explore them. Join me. lets Be Awesome and Sparkle.