Contour on the go

For my lifestyle things that are travel friendly are always a hit. I love items that fit into a purse cosmetic bag but work as well as larger size items. Recently I have gotten into contouring and love to do it at home with my Anastasia Cream Contour Kit (see post) for this awesome Item that I highly recommend. Even though it is great I would never carry this on a trip, too much Realestate in my luggage for pallets to travel. Well, I found just the answer and also like this product a lot.

NYX Wonder Stick $12 at Ulta Beauty


Wonder Stick

My color Medium $12 at Ulta Beauty


  • Compact

  • Easy to use

  • Most used colors only

  • Fast application

  • Light to medium coverage

  • Smooth and light feel on skin

  • Priced well

  • Like the brand


Same as contour pallet, or just a lighter contour touch when I am traveling for work or overnight. Sometime I need just a little touchup, especially if I am feeling bloated or not doing my best with eating or hydrating. It is a great go to product for those not so fab days. Here is a look at a quick cheek application that I often use this product for. A little bit of contour to accent my cheek bones.



Just enough under my cheek bone, with hi lighter above and below to help pop the apple of my cheeks right out.

This goes with me wherever I go. Love the ease, wear, price and look. Along with Mascara and pretty lipstick, this could be all I need on overnights when outdoor is part of the day and all I need is barely something.

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