Baby Foot - Demo

My favorite footwear for any time is flip flops or something like that open front and back. As long as I am not cold, socks are optional in my world, but all this barefoot living sure dries out my feet. My spin cycling workouts tend to help me in a not good way to form thick callouses. I use a daily foot scrub and paddle in my shower, but a couple of my friends swore by this product.

I went into this with my friend telling me…BE READY…you will peel for like a week and it will be GROSS but WORTH IT. This box is one time use and cost $25. Pretty pricey, but I figured if this works then price will be justified.

VIDEO - Demo of BABY FOOT product and how easy it is to use



What’s in a box

Pair of plastic booties filled with solution, adhesive tape strips. One time use for $25


  1. Put it on

  2. Leave on for one hour

  3. Rinse with water and soap

  4. Peel for a week or so

  5. End up with Soft feet


Slip product on

put socks over it and sit for an hour. After an hour rise with water and soap


For me this product did not work at all. I followed instructions completely, so it’s not that. For entire week I saw no peeling at all. It felt tingly for first couple days so I was hopeful, but nothing happened. I told a few of my friends I was doing it and all of them had great success stories with this. My personal rating would be low because it didn’t work for me, you can make up your own mind. Maybe I scrub off my callouses better than I thought so there was not much for BABY FOOT to do, I don’t know. But for $25 I am not trying this again.



no peeling


Day 7

no peeling

I was disappointed, but excited to try it. I will keep on managing my callouses the same way…apparently it works for me.

Be Awesome and Sparkle.