Packing with theme or color

There are many ways to tackle packing for a trip. One of my favorite, simplest ways is to pick a style or color theme. It simplifies packing and makes coordinating looks much simpler. This works especially well for longer trips where you plan to re-wear some items.

Here are couple examples to help and a video where I packed for 2 trips back to back by keeping a common pop of color theme throughout. It simplified making decisions.

Examples of style and color themes

  • Dress up jeans.Main focus is pair or two of jeans. Standard blue and a color pair for longe than 2 days. Working with different tops, jackets, sweaters and accessories creates casual, work and evening looks.

  • Dresses as a theme. Simplest way to pack because a dress is one complete outfit. To get more than one wear out of each dress alternate days you wear it and pair it with different shoes, put on a belt or wear with a denim jacket to change the look.

  • Separates. One skirt and one pair of pants can go a long way. For each top packed automatically there are 2 looks. For work trips I like doing this and with 2 tops I end up with 4 distinct looks.

  • Black and White. One of the easiest ways to pack and create chic looks for any occasion. Easy to coordinate and takes a lot of stress out of packing. All black is another way that totally works. Jackets can provide color, like denim, pop of color blazer or something with a pattern.

Count up your days and events in each day and pack away. Having a strategy will help make sure you bring what you need and don’t over pack. It is easy to look put together with very little…If space is not a problem…bring the closet … Be Awesome and Sparkle.