My morning the skin you are in

As someone that used to have bad skin, I can tell you washing my face is KEY!!!

Washing my face has been important ever since I was a teen. Acne became a real problem right after high school and among many dermatologist treatments and extraction facials skincare became important. I did not want to wash my face every night. Ugh I was going out with my friends, getting home late… cmon now I had to make sure I took off all my makeup and washed my face.


And so my skin washing routine began. Evening time is more thorough because I have to remove makeup, but I also wash my face in the morning. Some people have said to me…all you do is sleep so your skin did not get dirty why are you washing your face with anything other than water. Well I have oily skin so it helps to clean it, moisturize and set the base. Make up or not.

The steps in my AM routine

  • cleanser

  • daily exfoliator

  • toner

  • moisturizer

  • serums (vitamin c or anti wrinkle products)

  • eye serum

I have a variety of products, but key to my aging, acne prone skin is cleaning and moisturizing. It may sound strange to say moisturize oily, acne prone skin…but it is important. Yes acne drying medications work to relieve acne but that makes it so much more important to moisturize.