Closer Re-Organization

Checkout my how to organize a closet video

to help you navigate your re-org project. The best part is someone in my house….that is not good with change totally video bombing with complaints. I left them in, because I could not believe my husband freaked like this over a little thing. We are ok now and the closet remains as I changed it.

Why I re-organize my closet?

Twice a year I will re-organize my closet mainly to change out my wardrobe from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer. This time I was in serious need of finding a solution for shoes. I had a lot of shoes in boxes, stacked under my hanging clothes and would completely forget to throw them into circulation. I started the year with a goal to shop in my closet and wear everything at least once, with a plan to donate un-worn items after 6 months. There are definitely favorites I gravitate toward, wash and wear constantly, while other things just sit. Maybe they don’t fit, they are not comfortable or I am over them…I needed a plan to manage them.

I already have expandable, stackable wire racks in my closet so I thought let’s keep it uniform and got more from Amazon. Here are the racks I purchased, 2 boxes for investment totaling about $45

My strategy

Move some of my husbands clothes and mine around to fit better so I can accommodate 4 level shoe rack. I needed to make all the clothes fit and remove one whole hanging rack all together to make the shoe racks fit. I also turned all the hangers backwards. Having them face the opposite way would help me see what I have not worn. When I wear and wash something I hang it the normal way…any left backwards after 6 months will be up for review.

It took a little thinking and experimenting to get it done, but I maximized the room in my closet. All my shoes are now out of boxes and fit on racks. Shelves were raised to eliminate wasted space and allow me to raise up the bars for hanging clothes.



30 pairs of shoes from these boxes found a home



Lower left corner had hanging clothes and boxes of shoes stacked underneath



Lower left corner has no clothes, only shoes on the new 4 tier rack


Couple hours, $45 purchase and some innovation and my closet is more organized as a result. I ended up fitting same amount of clothes in less space and de-cluttered my closed by removing all the boxes.

There is always a way to improve functionality of something by thinking about it a different way. This is a perfect example and now I can see all my shoes, wear them and make decision on what may need to be donated, enjoyed and definitely what I do not need more of. Organized so I can Be Awesome and Sparkle.