Part 1 - I don't have time for beauty treatments

How do you make time to take care of yourself?

It can be a challenge to find time in your day to take care of yourself, let alone your skin. We all want to be pretty, but let’s face it…as we age that takes more time. I have been aging now for a few years, and even though I have a great skincare routine I still need to do more. Recently jade roller, micro needling and nu face have become my new beauty treatments, and yes they take time and I don’t have to sacrifice any part of my day to fit them in.

How do I do that?

Checkout this video to see how easy it can be… and how you can incorporate it.

I look for opportunities where I am idle. You may say you are never idle, but check this out.

Do you watch TV? If you do that is idle time and perfect to throw on a face mask, use jade roller, nu face or micro needle.

How about cooking? Well you stand there, so why not stand pretty with a face mask and let that treatment soak in.

Do you take baths? Well this may be hard as it requires time…but if you do…voila time you can use for other stuff.


Face tools

My routine…

These treatments are my routine 3 times a week during and after sits baths. Total of 15 minutes and great ways to care for my skin. Every little bit makes a difference and it compounds to make a visible difference, These tools could be considered massage for your face. It does your body good, why not your face.


Nu Face Trinity

wrinkle reducing & tightening


Micro needle

promotes natural elastin and collagen


Jade Roller

Increases circulation, can reduce fine lines and puffiness

All three in use

I have recently started doing Sitz baths, where I soak in epsom salt to relieve muscle pain among other benefits that I will share in a different post. This 10-15 minute time I sit in the tub becomes my multi tasking window for nu face wrinkle and tightening treatments, hair mask, face mask…whichever way I want to play it. My way to carve out time for me so I can Be Awesome and Sparkle