Glitter goals

I have been obsessed with glitter lipstick and wanted to try a bunch pot loose glitter and other glitter infused products but not break the bank. One of my go to places for makeup is Ulta Beauty and I decided to do a little online research before heading to the store.

Glitter to me is a trend so I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on it and I wanted to see the products. That is one of the biggest reasons why I like Ulta. They have samples and people that can help answer questions and offer advice.

I migrated to Nyx Cosmetics, and stayed with their brand because of a buy $40 get a free gift promo. If I am spending the money, why not get some free goodies.

Here is a quick Video to demo products I purchased at Ulta.

Glitter full and loving these already. One item I got was a powder puff lipstick for $8.50 and like that as well. It has a matte finish and definitely feels like powder. Super light and easy to wear.

Nyx Product lineup and links

All my Ulta purchases with links to find them. I really like all the items I purchased. Glitter liquid lipstick is drying and stains deep so be prepared to use a makeup remover to take it off. Glitter is very pigmented and goes on easily. So far thumbs up!!!


$12 from NYX for eyes or lips


$9 from NYX in Reflector color


$6.50 NYX - helps glitter stay on


$8.50 NYX in Will Power color


Free gift

with $40 NYX purchase at Ulta

Conquer your glitter goals… Be Awesome and Sparkle!