Why do I do Sitz baths?

My wellness is important… Epsom salt helps

For a few months now I have been strict about doing Sitz baths. It started after a visit to my GYN because I had a yeast infection flareup. Common in women, it has not been an issue for me for a while. So I went for a checkup and she gave me some great advice that changed a few things in my life routine.

She asked if I workout and spend time in sweaty clothes?

Answer to that was yes. I had increased number of spin classes I attended each week and couple extra classes made a difference. Event the time to just drive home after class eaten things up, and I would sometime even leave to grocery shop or run errands in wet clothes. I had also traveled and wore a bunch of tight clothing. No problem, she writes a script to take a pill and it was cured, but when talking with her about prevention she mentioned Epsom Salt Sitz baths being great to restore PH balance in our lady parts. Her explanation was brief so I did a little research myself specifically around YI and here is a great article to see 11 effective home remedies for YI’s Week I had the YI, I did Sitz baths 3 times a day and it helped with any and all itching.

What does Epson salt do?

  • Soothe the skin

  • Reduce soreness and pain

  • Reduce stress

  • Promote foot health

  • Draw out splinters

  • Could provide magnesium

These little soaks every day after spin class have helped for sure, but it is not a magic cure. Benefits of Epsom Salt Bath. I get out of sweaty clothes right after I am done with a workout. I avoid wearing tight clothing for prolonged periods and things are back to normal. Another great benefit to me has been muscle relaxation. Epsom salt is great to reduce inflation and aches so sitting in a tub filled with just enough water to cover my legs 3-4 times a week for 10-15 minutes has been beneficial to me in these ways:

Benefits for me?

  • Me time

  • Help with soreness in my leg muscles

  • Keep the girly parts balanced :-)

  • Gives me time just sitting there to multi-task some beauty treatments (See my post)

If you like trying natural remedies for wellness this is a good one. Helps with so many things, and it is so simple. I do it for wellness and so I can Be Awesome and Sparkle uninterrupted.