Shopping tips on how to save $$

If you love Nordstrom you are sure to love Nordstrom Rack and now that I am going to give you some tips to shopping there, you will love it even. more.

Nordstrom Rack will get a lot of items from main Nords stores when they are ready to go on sale, but they also get their own bunch of items. I have saved over and over on things I see at Nordstrom, so I have learned to wait for sales. Nordstrom turns over their clothes pretty fast, so when you see something hit their store at regular price, it will likely go on sale in about 2 months or so.

If you are willing to take a chance that it will still be around, definitely wait. Over this last winter season between November and January things I purchased have all gone on sale for as much as a third of their original cost. Couple items would not be available in my size (shoes), but everything else is, so I get kind of annoyed when I see the deals. Couple things I got I am ok with having paid full price, but couple really burn me. This happens every season, so if you are ok being a little behind “the latest”, wait.

TIPS for shopping at Nordstrom:

  • Wait unless it is something unique or trendy that will go fast (that happens)

  • Take advantage of half yearly sales

  • Add items to your cart and you will get alerts when they go on sale

  • Keep checking back every couple weeks to see if prices drop

  • Call the store if you see something on sale after a couple weeks from purchasing, they will adjust your price

  • Take advantage of any triple points or 10 point events to shop. If you are not finding anything at that time, but gift cards. Spending $ on GC’s will qualify for triple or 10X the points and earn you Nords notes.

  • Visit their cafe, tasty food and wine. It is always better to shop on a glass of wine.

TIPS for shopping at The Rack:

  • Go often, about once a month

  • Check for your favorite brands

  • Check online to track brands you like to see what is new

  • Check clearance racks for good finds

  • Check online for when they are running their “Clear the Rack” sales. It happens about 12 times a year and it is a great time to stock up. Any item during this sale marked with clearance tag will be an additional 25-50% off. Killer deals.

  • Certain bath products are always available at the rack and good deals, like Bliss and Kiehls.

Just before new year I took advantage of buying some shoes during a clear the rack sale and Nordstrom half yearly as well.

Black pumps @ Nordstrom on sale for $43, regular $109.99

Other 4 pairs all @ Nordstrom Rack for 25% off clearance prices which ranged from $26 - $33 per pair. Deals! The Rack has designer row shoes which are their higher end brands and I have gotten some deals over the years.


Oh baby

I love a deal!!!

To recap. Wait if you can and keep checking back at Nords. For the rack, go often and look for clear the rack sales for best deals. Take advantage of 3 point and 10 point events to earn your Nordstrom notes. And remember the best hidden secret… buy gift cards to use later during any 3 or 10 point event and earn points on buying them. After all you will spend the money later anyway. Shop smart… Be Awesome and Sparkle.