Planner 101

As my 9-5 job I am an IT Project Manager. So what does that mean?

Well it means that I plan, organize and facilitate groups of people toward getting certain tasks completed, so you can say I am a professional planner. My main objectives are to get things done on time and on budget. What’s interesting is that I have always been a planner and organizer in my personal life too. For as long as I know I have enjoyed organizing things around the house, planning trips, outings, time with family and friends. Good thing too. My husband is so not a planner, or organizer, ad if left up to him we would never leave the house. Since life is about experiences, I plan on planning… lol


My tools

Items I use to plan my days, weeks and content for my blog

So how does that matter to you?

Well this post is specifically about ways that can help anyone put together a plan for any kind of project. Example I use in this video is planning my blog posts. Sometime I am in the zone and ideas flow like crazy, and its very important to capture them when that happens. Other times I have a dry spell and can’t come up with anything creative that I think you all may want to read.

As someone that is organized, my actual daily planner has to look nice and be neat so these are my helpful tips to how you can use experience from my work life to help you with your daily planning. When you think about it… anything that is fun and stimulating to you…you will invest time in doing. For me that is my blog, and having a road map to what I want to post helps me organize my time.

Every post starts with photos, or video. There is production time in editing and putting together the post one my blog. Making my followers aware takes IG or Pinterest promotion, so all that takes time and effort. When I know where I am going…my topic… then I can plan how to get there and all the detail I will need to work on.

This is first of many posts to come in this area because I am passionate about being organized and planning. I think it can be challenging for anyone, even me at times to plan well, so I hope my ideas and tips help you plan better. If you are interested in specific things, contact me and I am happy to talk through how I can help you plan things I your life. I am available for hire :-)

Don’t get overwhelmed. Write it all down and then start putting detail in it. More to come…. Be Awesome and Sparkle.