Tips for Toiletry packing

If you are a girly girl like me and have a skincare and beauty regiment that includes a small refinery, then you probably find it tough to pack toiletries. I did for a long time until I simplified it for myself …in a big way.

This VIDEO shares some tips and tricks on how to think about what you want and need to pack and make it work without too much sacrifice.

Making choices and finding alternatives is really the best way to bring it all with you. Ask for samples of what you normally use or find items in drug stores travel size aisle that can serve as replacements or sample size at any beauty supply. Many of my favorite products have sample sizes and when I shop I routinely ask for samples. Makeup counters are great at giving them out for you to try as well. Hotel sometime offer toiletry items as well that I take and use for future trips. for example W hotels provide a great face cleanser by BLISS. I grab them all and ask for replenishments from housekeeping.


I use a liquid makeup remover but when I travel I substitute with makeup remover wipes.

Toothbrush and toothpaste are easy (travel size) of course.

Face cleanser in sample size or if I am out I our some into travel size bottle.

Makeup is all about simplify with pallets and if you like lipstick variety as an example (because I do), take one that can be layered with different lip liner colors to create different tones.

But really MUST haves for me. Toilet drops when sharing a room. Work travel especially, can sometime get boring so it is great to have comforts of home, travel candle is my piece of home.

Face masks for appropriate climate to keep your skin routine.

For longer trips I think about what I can buy there. Toothpaste is one item I can always buy as well as makeup remover wipes. Deodorant for me is super tough and personal so that is one I always carry and sacrifice for space. (I need to find a good alternative in trial size)

There is no need to sacrifice bringing your favorites, it is about finding substitutes in size so you can take all that you need for carry on restrictions and lighter load. Be Awesome and Sparkle while you jet around.