Coco and Eve

Take a look at my VIDEO to see a Demo of Coco & Eve Like a Virgin hair mask and more detail in case you are not sure should you buy this one.

How many products have you tried that say they treat dry, damaged hair and repair hair quality? I tend to try them all but usually not great results.

THIS ONE DOES. For my review criteria I give it solid 5 ⭐️ . I actually see a difference in my hair with this product since using it. For me most noticeable was less dry hair and less frizz. I am pretty good about getting haircuts and don’t tend to have split ends much, but coloring does leave my hair moisture starved.

My review criteria for hair products:

  • Does it do what it should - Yes

  • Smell - Lovely and not too perfumed

  • Texture - not slimy or oily

  • Ease of use - very easy

  • Cost - not crazy

  • Value - great value per use

  • Packaging - pretty and it includes a de-tangler brush great size for travel (BOGO)

I use Coco & Eve once a week for 10 minutes and now have done the treatment about 6 times. I can see a difference and purchased a refill already. One will run $45 and they run promos. My friend and I buy the 2 pack for $70 and split the cost, so each one ends up being just under $40. I am less than half way through a jar using it so I think I will get about 12 uses making the cost per treatment about $3.

For my hair length and thickness my normal use is 3-4 hand scoops, not using as much as me will make this last longer and cost even less.

Check various places to buy this online for best deal (S&H) or without. Amazon us $49.90 PRIME so depending on total cost may be a good option too.