Eyebrow tinting DIY

Probably the best tip I have picked up lately. To use beard touchup for do it yourself eyebrow tint. I have light brows and because of a lot of them are blond it looks like I have bald spots and almost none on outer corner of my brow line. 

I visited my local drug store and for $7.99 purchased a box of Medium brown beard color that will likely last me a year or more. Greatest thing about this product is that it is intended for use on face so it doesn't stain skin. Instructions say to use vaseline. I did the first time but not this last time and skin was not stained.


Thinner looking brow toward outer edges make it less defined and like it has bald spots.  This before shot was about 3 weeks after first color session so they are still darker than normal but faded.



Mix a small pearl size of color and developer, mix and comb on. 5 minutes and wash off with face wash. There is no mess or discolored skin.


A bolder and more full looking brow that gives my face some definition even when I am without any makeup.

Simple, easy and economical. I love tips and tricks that I can actually use to help me be more awesome and sparkle.