My summer beauty faves

Here are my latest beauty favorites for the summer. I am obsessed with pink this year and all about shimmery/glowing face.  An all time obsession and go to for me is mascara so this is really a two product demo to show you cheeks and lashes for a fast daytime look.

My daytime face is simple but cheeks and mascara make a big difference in giving my face a bit of color and definition. I recorded this video to show the pigment and glow on cheeks and how mascara makes a big difference on anyone who has light lashes.

Checkout the VIDEO

This video is about Cheeks and Lashes. Bobbi Brown Highlight & Glow Brick Pallet, Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Blush and Loreal Lash Paradise mascara for a glowing fresh summer face.

What a difference mascara makes.

One eye with and one without shows impact of mascara for anyone with light lashes. My most favorite makeup item hands down. MASCARA!


Loreal -Valuminous lash paradise

$7.50- $8.97 on Amazon with prime or about the same at your local drug store. Lengthening and thickening. LOVE IT !




Bobbi Brown - Highlight and Glow shimmer brick pallete

This is an especially good deal if you can find it. $72 for this entire pallet I got mine at Nordstrom but look like it is not their regular item. Link below is for the pink shimmer brick pallet $48 at Nordstrom (comes in all 3 colors separately). Try Bobbi Brown online if you want the trio. Good deal is the mini shimmer brick pallet $25 for the MINI.


Bobbi Brown - Pale Pink blush $25 (in picture above)

I AM OBSESSED. This looks so bold and bright but when I got my makeup done I completely fell for this color only to find out it was sold out at two Nordstrom stores I visited. Online order this one. Makeup artist told me this is Bobbi's signature and fave color so it sells out all the time. It is so much less crazy on but it has fabulous pigment and with simmer brick over it, I love the look.  




Here is my complete look after applying blush, shimmer and mascara. I look like I have features and I think it gives me a youthful fresh faced look. 

Be Awesome and Sparkle, or at least glow through the summer.