Red Lips that Last

Bright bold lips make a statement but you don't want them to leave a trail and make the wrong statement. Trick to lasting lipstick is application in layers. Quality of lipstick I don't think matters but a matte color is more likely to stay than a cream or shiny one. My preference is matte lipstick by MAC because of a heavy pigment, staying power and comfortable feel on my lips. I don't find it drying, it does not flake or bleed into fine lines. 

My process for bright colors and especially red



1) Urban Decay Ozone gel lip pencil

It is a clear waxy pencil for lining just outside lip line and it forms a barrier to prevent lipstick from  bleeding at all. SO WORKS!!!

2) Lip Pencil

This is up for debate and a personal preference but I love a well defined lip with crisp edges so lip liner for me. When used to fill in some of the lip, liner helps lipstick stay on. Have you ever seen someone with all their lipstick gone and just the liner on, that does not happen if you use it to fill in the lip. ALL IN!

3) Lipstick

Applied 3 to 4 times and blotted in between to deposit a nice layer. Sheer lipstick will not do the trick so get a rich color with heavy pigment. FULL COVERAGE!

4) Powder

Toilet paper and some pressed powder or translucent powder to set it in. 


VOILA. You will be the envy of all your friends at dinner. They will ask you how you get it to stay on. If you are a gloss lover remember when you add a soft gloss over a matte lipstick it will transfer and leave your lips faster. It's all about the look you love, comfortable feel so you can own your look and rock a bold lip.

Venture into some color, try a new bold lip and go for a red. Be Awesome and Sparkle.