Moroccan Oil - great hair days ahead

After I switched to Co-Washing (checkout this post) for what that is all about, I was looking for a new conditioning product that would be good for my hair. In the past While I was shopping Nordstrom had a sale when purchasing any 3 products, free oil treatment so I tried 3 all new products that I love. Links below descriptions are to Nordstrom but I have included Amazon options as well at the bottom.


Shiny curls

I get this look with items 1, 2 and 4 below. Conditioning cleanser, leave in oil and leave in conditioner.


TIP: Moroccan oil is often not subject to discounts at most beauty retailers so if you find a deal for a BOGO hop on it. Many retailers that offer 20% promos will not honor that on Moroccan oil products. 


1. Curl Cleansing Conditioner is a shampoo replacement. It tingles on scalp while you leave it on for a few minutes to absorb into ends. $18.50 for 8 oz size

2. Moroccan Oil treatment is an oil serum and great for thick hair, moisture starved hair or curly hair like mine. It does not weigh it down but smooths wonderfully. Best deal is 3.4 OZ $35 but they range in price for as low as $8 for .34 oz travel size.

3. Shower milk is just that creamy shower wash. It left my skins soft and silky. This is s sexy feeling product and funny enough I felt all pretty after using it. Something about the feel but also lovely soothing scent. Unlike soap it is moisturizing instead of moisture stripping. I RECOMMEND THIS.


4. Intense Curl Cream leave in conditioner. This is my daily styling product and makes it easier to comb out my hair post shower. $28 for 10 oz bottle and has lasted me so far 5 months and going.


I Highly recommend for a leave in hair mask, hydration galore $29.50 and worth it