What do all bloggers need?

A selfie mirror and good light!

I have an amazing hallway mirror that is hung perfectly for some great selfies but it's one of the darkest spots in my house so maybe one hour a day, on sunny days I can take a picture that looks decent and that is with hallway lights on.  So when there is a problem, I figure out a solution.


Right mirror

In the wrong place

Solution to this problem, another mirror that I can move around the house to catch the good light. Not like I am recently moved in and needing furniture so where in the world do I go to get a mirror that I have no place to put, a mirror I don't need for decor, that is light enough to move around and inexpensive. 

TJMaxx !!!

Trip 1

Checking out my choices and I decided that this black and silver as well as egg shaped white lacquer one were both necessary to my life. So I got them both, paid for them and left them at TJMaxx for pickup next day when I could bring my husbands car. It was raining so no drop top solution to this problem. What was I thinking, when I got  home and held up these pictures to see where I could put either of these, neither worked with my color scheme. Taking selfies in store was to get color down and to see that size was good when sitting on the floor and would catch all of me without needing to be hung up.

Trip 2:

Ok next day another trip to TJMaxx to first return the 2 mirrors they held for me and to find options in line with my rustic tones. You see my bronzed mirror above, yep that fits my decor but a black and silver or white mirrors are so far off. I needed something bronze or with gold tones. Here were two options I found that fit all my requirments. Both light, inexpensive and work when sitting on the ground.

Winner is this fun embelished frame mirror for $39.99, I could not believe the deal. Here it is in my house awaiting it's easel (husband department). There will be a DIY post about this one. 

Now I am set, I can have all the light I need when I need it and this little gem can help me Be Awesome and Sparkle.