Pre-Heels and so much more

I am obsessed with this product and it has now become one of my staple beauty items. Pre Heels is just that for pre wearing your heels...

But it is so much more.

Part of a Christmas goodie bag from a girlfriend, I originally thought it was a gag gift and it sat around for a while. Finally I had an occasion to use if when I threw on a pair of heel sandals that always rub and give me a nice blister. Why don't I throw them out? Well because I love the way they look so I put up with the pain when I get brave enough to wear them.


Now I can wear any of my shoes that rub, pinch and leave my feet worse off because pre-heels is girl magic. Simply spray it on where your shoes rub, let it dry and hit the road. It really does work. If you follow my blog you know I sweat so my shoes definitely rub when my feet get hot and this has completely changed the game for me. 

Month of Sparkle and my overall obsession with glitter wear accidentally inspired a second use for pre-heels.


Best $21.84 I have spent, check it out on Amazon. That is for XL size and let me tell you don't cheap out, get the XL. This is one of the simple products that every girl needs to make the world think she can rock any shoe ever without pain. Instead she has a little magic on her side but no one has to know πŸ˜‰



With my last order of pre-heels from Amazon I received a full size body moisturizer. Great deal and product that I will re-order. Not sure if this is still ongoing but check it out.

Be Awesome and Sparkle. Don't ever suffer through blisters of discomfort, try this product.