Why I LOVE ❀️ πŸ’– πŸ’— Costco?

If there is a way to do it all in one in person visit then I am all about it. Amazon of course you may say, and yes I agree but some things I have to see in person. Like a new printer. 

Of course the day of an important meeting and I actually have to print something my printer stops printing some of the colors, throws in a streaky design and frustrates me. My husband true to form and not comfortable with change looks at some online help and they all suggest cleaning the heads. Two days, printer heads clan but still not working so where else but Costco.


Old printer

Hit puberty and developed and attitude. It was about $300-$400 when I got it and weighs a ton... no longer prints.

Regularly scheduled trip with an extra mission to look at printers, see what options they have in something small (all in one). They had a decent selection in all price ranges so I pulled three that looked small and were under $300 off the shelf and into my cart. I inspected each of the floor models closely and made a decision on one.

New printer

Half the size in height and $120. Great deal and best of all, it works.

I love the fact that I can buy my groceries and other stuff like a printer. And I have done it all from electronics to home appliances, yard furniture, food, jewelry, kids clothes, gifts but most often grocery staples and wine. Wine the size of some babies. 

Challenge with Big Box Club shopping is getting stuff home. Well I have mastered the art of loading my car. Bath tissue and paper towels will only fit into my front or back seats. For big items, drop the top and off we go baby. Very little will stop me from buying it at Costco vs. somewhere else. Their price and quality rock and they stand behind their products with a great return policy. Trunk jenga is me, but loading something like a TV, outdoor umbrella or Christmas tree, help in form of super cute young guys...free at Costco 

If I can save time then more remains for me to Be Awesome and Sparkle.