Animal Faces

No joke but I obviously did not read the mask cover when it said Animal Face print on the mask.

Threw the panda mask on and I was totally cracking up but really enjoyed the experience. The mask was great, super moisturizing and really enjoyable.

I felt like it was kid play time so I recommend getting these types of masks for a girl night in or fun with little girls in your life. I think my niece would love something like this and can you imagine the monkeying around that would happen.  Even if you don't have kids, like me, it's still ok to have fun in your life. Live it up and be goofy. Laughing at yourself and your best friends is one of life's greatest pleasures HAHA.

Ulta beauty - Animal Koala mask and this Tiger mast $5 for one

Bed Bath and Beyond - 2 for $6, different brand but same experience

Have a good time in life and goof around because you only have one shot at it. Be awesome and sparkle.