Simple manicure you can do

After high school I went to college and after a year of super party time my mom pulled the plug and brought me back home. Well I was either going to be serious or work so I got a job but tinkered with my nails ALL the time. My mom was like, why don't you go to beauty school and get a manicurist license. I kinda thought about it and off we went both she and I. The plan was get a license and open a salon.

So we did, we both got our manicurist licenses and did open a salon. We had that salon for 3 years and that was my full time job every day. I ran it, managed it and did nails. Lessons it thought me I did not even realize until later but it did spoil me as far as getting my nails done.

When you have a skill and know how to do something well you may feel weird about paying for it, I know I do. So I tend to do my own nails all the time. It is so easy for me to manicure my nails I can't even say when the last time was that I paid for a manicure. (can't justify spending money on it). 

They are super simple and here is how you too can be a manicurist at home with a little salon feel.


Hand soaking bowl

Warm water, scented liquid hand soap, essential oils, rose petals, lemon slices, milk, marbles... whatever you want for your experience. I am fidgety so I throw marbles at the bottom of my bowl given me something to occupy me while soaking. Give it 5 min per hand to soften cuticles.


Essential tools

Cuticle remover, cuticle pusher and cuticle scissors. Cut and shape nails first to get them to your desired length then put each hand into water one at a time.

Pour cuticle remover over your nails and push back your cuticles gently. Wipe with a towel and cut away the cuticles that remain on our nail and sticking up to clean up the nail bed.

Buff top of nails and nail edges to get them smooth. Pour on some cuticle oil to soften... WELL NO.  I actually skip this step at home and do it after polish because this way your polish will adhere better.

Before and after results from left to right. You can see in the middle all the cuticle and skin that was removed and finished product is polish ready nails.

Easy process and takes about 20 min because I have to do one hand at a time. Cost = FREE!

Be Awesome and Sparkle