Pampered feet are sexy feet

It all starts with Sole.

Getting a pedicure is not only maintenance it is pampering and what I consider one of life's simple luxurious. Sitting and soaking my feet is relaxing in part because I can't escape but mostly because of the bath salts and soaking soaps, oils, fruits, rose petals and the obvious... foot massage. Wearing heals even when you are used to it tires your feet out and getting a foot massage feels SOOOO good. 

When I can't squeeze in to get a pedi by my favorite manicurist so I can enjoy a touch of luxury and pamper myself, I will opt for my second favorite manicurist, myself. 

It all starts with a heating and vibrating foot bath because rubbing my own feet is not the same. Toenails clipped and filed before putting my feet in water to relax.


Hot tub time machine for my feet

Just add warm water, essential oils and shower or bath soap

When enough time has passed and relaxation has set in, I pour cuticle remover on toes of one foot while the other is still in water, push back the  cuticles and remove the excess. Repeat for second foot and finish off with cuticle remover on foot stone to soften any callouses on the bottom of my feet. All of this is pure maintenance when done at home but I make sure to set it up while enjoying some TV or a glass of wine and it still feels good. 

Pick a color, use the 4 step sure to stay on polish step (Nail it post) and we have fun toes that make any scrappy sandal experience more sexy. 


Taking time to pamper yourself refreshes your attitude and even a pedicure can lift your spirits. One of my favorite times to get a pedi or give myself one is after travel. My feet are beat and it always perks me up. Very low cost if you do it yourself and if you don't have a pedicure tub that massages and vibrates don't worry. Use anything you can comfortably put your feet into and set the stage to enjoy it. Add elements and scents to your soaking water to make it enjoyable and aromatic. Our a glass of wine, sit in a comfy chair, turn on the TV or music. Whatever does it for you, try it and enjoy. 


Final Step

Polish for the mood you are in . Purple - "You’re imaginative, idealistic, and compassionate". What's your color?

Be Awesome and Sparkle and pamper your Soles.