Week 1 - 90 Day Challenge

Feb 1 to Feb 8 - First week done

My goals were 1) focus on getting back into exercise routine and 2) cut out sweets... SAY NO TO DESSERT.

Goal #1 Focus on exercise routine - ✅ I actually started my exercise beginning of week 1

  • Tue - Insanity

  • Wed - P90X Shoulders and Arms

  • Thur - Spin class

  • Fri - day off

  • Sat - Spin class

  • Sun - Spin class

  • Mon - Walk with mom 1 hour

  • Tue - Insanity 

  • Wed - Spin class

  • Thur - 3.6 mile beach walk

Goal #2 Cut out sweets - 👎 

Blew it on Superbowl Sunday by enjoying and buying Girl Scout cookies. They haunted me all week and I gave into my temptation couple of nights during this long and stress filled week. No excuses just facts that caused me to cave. So this carries over into week 2 starting today to eliminate the sweets which will eliminate cravings. I CAN AND I WILL.

Biggest challenges this week: 

1) Social commitments which = 🍷 wine enjoyment or perhaps a 🍺 and temptation is high. For next week working to plan better but not stop living life and become a hermit. It is all about trade offs. Cut out sweets and I can enjoy a glass of wine (substitutions)

  • Thursday - start date - dinner with co-worker 

  • Saturday - Bunco 

  • Sunday - Superbowl

  • Tuesday - Happy hour with a girlfriend  

  • Thursday - Happy hour with mom 

2) Broke out in hives and my face completely swelled up. Either an allergic reaction to something I ate, encountered or viral at the end of week 1. Thursday broke out in a rash mid day which later in the day included my face swelling. Overnight the rash subsided but Friday morning I woke up to my eyes, cheeks and neck completely swollen BAD. Doctor visit later and steroid prescription my face is starting to deflate. Scary and weird I took it easy on exercise front Friday so back to workout routine over the weekend.


Went well overall. I have to work on reducing carbs next week by reducing pasta to one meal a week at most and bread to max 2-3 slices in the week. Plan is to switch those with extra veggies 🍅 🌽 . Next week I am cruising the produce aisle to grab some different veggies for more creative dinner ideas. Lunch I really like cut up veggies and protein of some kind to reduce prep time when working. Breakfast needs some more variety as well. Eggs are on deck.


This week it was getting kickstarted with something every day