Co-Washing (My Take)

For last 4 months I have been Co-Washing my hair and LOVE IT! So here is the breakdown.


What is Co-Washing? 

Conditioner only washing! It is washing your hair with only conditioner and completely skipping shampoo in your wash process. Stylist that cuts my hair told me about this alternative washing movement taking hold mainly with women with curly hair. So I asked her about no-poo shampoo and she told me it is basically conditioner. So I figured let me give this a try.

What are the Benefits of Co-Washing?

My hair is regularly colored and with curls I feel I can never get enough moisture and conditioning. It is a great way to get soft, more manageable hair. 


Why should I try Co-Washing?

If you want to get healthier looking hair, more shine, less fizz and less volume it works great. Couple of my friends with straight thick hair do it and it works great, but others with more fine hair need the shampoo to give them volume or there is no hope. Conditioner will weigh down fine hair.

Does it clean your scalp?

Yes the trick is to use it just like shampoo. As step 1 to replace shampoo, put a bunch onto scalp and rub it into your roots just like you would shampoo, working and massaging into scalp. There is no lather but scalp is cleaned of oils and dead skin as you rinse.

Do I still condition?

Yep step 2 is just like it was before, conditioning all the way through. I put a bunch more conditioner onto my hair from scalp to ends with extra on ends which I comb through with a wide tooth comb. 

What results have I seen?

    •    My hair is not as frizzy

    •    I tend to have more good hair days

    •    Texture is softer

    •    Easier to brush when out of shower

    •    Less tangles

    •    Appearance is more shiny   

    •    Curls are more defined

    •    Volume is good (for me never enough volume)

    •    Overall healthier hair


For a quick Co-Washing shout out checkout Real Simple and Babble has a quick read on 5 Things you need to know about Co-Washing. This is good to read if you are not sure it's for you.

Whatever you do just Be Awesome and Sparkle!!!