90 Day Challenge - Starts Feb 1

Week 1 has started

  • Thursday Feb 1 to Thursday Feb 8th


90 Days

Starts NOW!

My initial measurements are here. No photos of before just yet until I get some of the jiggly parts tightened up, then I can share the before and after. 


My Goal

Tighten and reshape so I am curious to see how my measurements will change

Goal for this week is to focus on exercise and cutting out sugar primarily. SAY NO TO DESSERT!

Also days I have no social events I will not enjoy a glass of wine, and days where I do (like all weekend with Bunco on Saturday and Super Bowl on Sunday I will limit myself to 2 glasses each of those days). 

Next week I will post my progress and share daily meals and workouts. Fill you in on challenges and accomplishments. So here we go, let the reshaping begin.