Friends with cool pads.. Superbowl!!!

I watch one football game a year all the way through and that is Super Bowl. When Tom B is in it I am definitely rooting based on looks.

This year was another 85 degree afternoon in CA in the month of February so our friends threw down a pool side, back yard BBQ style.

To prepare like the athletes I started with a moisturizing face mask. Have to hydrate my skin for time in the sun, cheering and hard work socializing.


Koala Mask

well I did not know the package was literal but yeah a koala mask.

Party kick off with light snacks and some football squares. I took down Q1, Q2 and Final score. Whoo hoo, who's the winner!

One chip challenge had no takers

A retail opportunity with our own in house Girl Scout. Smart marketing on her part.

Team Brady on Deck

360 degree viewing opportunity to make sure you don't miss any of the game

Between quarters a friendly game of LCR (left center right) and ladies take both rounds.

Our 2 chefs making magic with smoked brisket and ribs. yummy.

Best seat in the house