Just add glitter

It is no secret I like glitter, but for holiday decorations it really does make a difference from just a basic item to something more spirited and decorative. This post will show 3 separate glitter applications.

#1 - wooden ornament

I got this as a gift from my little niece and it is very cute but a little dull so I sprayed it with glitter spray. I used a clear spray with multi color glitter. It has specs of green, silver, red and gold.

#2 - gather sign

Another gift from our monthly bunco game. I love the plain white with black letters but it fell flat. Adding glue and sprinkling on loose glitter produced a three dimensional sign that pops.

#3 - Snowman sign

This was a hostess gift meant to hang. I wanted to turn this into a standing sign so I added a piece of wood in the back and sprayed it with silver glitter spray to add a light sparkle dusting that shows up in lighting.

When shopping remember you can always add glitter to things later. If you like it grab it and then get crafty. Be Awesome and Sparkle.