Fierce Baking

Day 3 #MonthofSparkle

#MonthofSparkle is in fulls swing and that means annual cookie exchange party. Christmas tradition I have been a part of for over 10 years. This year I am going back to simple, traditional cookies, CHOCOLATE CHIP. My faves are my mother in laws so of course I asked her for the recipe only to hear… It’s in the back of Ghirardelli chocolate chip package.

OMG for reals??? This whole time.

Well there is one key difference I realized AFTER I baked mine and they spread like traditional butter chocolate chip cookies. She uses Crisco to make hers and gets them more mound like and caky. So this cookie exchange gets Ghirardelli’s actual version, but right before Christmas I am whipping up a Crisco batch.

It’s frowned upon to get glitter, shimmer or sparkle in food, so today for my 3rd day of sparkle it is restrained rhinestone that perfectly describes my baking skills 😉 Fierce t-shirt is INC brand from Macys on sale for $41 (I hit a weekend sale and got it for $19.95) and economical add to my collection. Tights are motto leggings BP from Nordstrom $39 that I have in couple colors and love this time of year.


My process as I bake and taste. Recipe I am not posting because all you need to do is buy a bag of choc chips and its on the back, but remember the caky with crisco and crispy with butter trick. Be Awesome and Sparkle.