Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

My mom after watching some TV show was all about telling me about this Dr. that recommended using lemon, honey and soy milk to get rid of age/sun spots. Like many other times I totally tuned her out. Then fall came and my very light tan faded to reveal a couple sun spots so I thought I look it up. Lemon as it turns out is a natural skin lightener so it is well known to lighten age spots. I have started using the chest mask three weeks ago and can tell my skin is smoother if nothing else. I don’t really have a lot of sun damage and I don’t yet have age spots, but I thought I start doing this to help with keeping my skin tone even.

As a proud owner of two lemon trees, I am lucky to have them fruit like crazy couple times a year so I always think about what I can do with all these lemons. Well my chest mask lead me to look into other common ways lemon can be used as a beauty hack.

How I normally used lemons

  • Scalp treatment

  • Ice cubes

  • Marinade for meat

  • Salad dressing

After researching the Doc my mom mention, I have added these to my skincare routine.


Anti age spots - removing age spots and evening skin tone. Three times a week I say regiment. The mixture ends up watery, so it is messy to put on, but do it in small doses. A little, then let dry, more, etc. It will get solid and sticky so great to do before a shower

Simple ingredients in equal measure, two to three times a week for 20-30 minutes. Be patient this is messy. ***NOTE: If you use 1 tablespoon of each you will have enough for multiple applications unless you are using it on multiple places on your body, for me 1 tsp of each is enough per use. When I used 1 tablespoon I left the rest for next day and stored in fridge because of soy milk. Next day it was fine, I whipped it a little with a fork and all good. for just chest are, using 1 tablespoon of each is good for 3 applications.



Honey, soy milk, lemon!

2 minute VIDEO to show application process




This is after 3 weeks, about 9 uses. My chest feels smoother and skin tone is more even, less reddish

Here are some other great ways to use lemon

Home use for lemons checkout the link for detail on this list of ways to use lemon

  • Refresh cutting boards

  • Wash fruits and vegetables

  • Keep cauliflower and apples from turning brown

  • Keep vegetables crust and bright

  • Deter insects

  • Clean glass

  • Remove stains

  • Remove buildup

  • Clean the sink

  • Polish metal

  • Loosen up rice

  • Relieve Heartburn

  • Clean garbage disposal

  • Streak free shine

  • All purpose cleaning solution

  • Home decor

Beauty uses for lemons

  • Speed up weight loss

  • Get over hangover

  • Lighten lips

  • Strengthen hair roots and remove dandruff

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Glowing skin

  • Refresh smile

  • Healthy nails

  • Blackhead removal

  • remove sunburn

When life gives you lemons, use them in all the ways you can. Be Awesome and Sparkl