Self tanner that works

Over the years I have cut back on the amount of sun exposure. Being a die hard, life long sun tanner it is tough not to be tan. When I am tan I think my clothes, especially skirts and shorts look so much better on. Over the last few months taking more spin classes has improved the tone of my legs, and I feel more confident wearing shorter things, but not without some help. Upper thigh and knee area are two main concerns for me and I feel WAY more comfortable when I have on some self tanner.

Many self tanning products have come and gone, but this one I revisit every year. Buy hands down favorite self tanner.

Sally Hensen Airbrush legs

Color depends on how deep of a tan you want. I use Medium glow. It is pretty natural with first spray, but if I want a deeper coverage, couple layers will do it. For under $10, instant tan legs with appearance of wearing nylons. You can buy it anywhere so I am not even including a link.


Tan & Tone

Spray is my preferred, but I take travel size lotion on trips


My very first try with any self tanner was timid. I was so scared of looking orange that I was too conservative. What I like about this is that you see how much color you spray on. Lotions that have no color and turn could be misleading, where this I find easier to use. Spay I find to look better than even the lotion of this same product. There seems to be a little shimmer in the spray that gives my legs the sun kissed shine. However lotion in travel size is my trip companion everywhere skirts go.

Watch this quick Video to see how I use it and trick to getting a smooth application, streak free. Sure way you can tell someone has self tanner on is bad application.

No amount of tanner will replace toning your legs, but if you are like me and need a little boost in certain areas it looks better. Weird enough imperfections look better with a tan, lol. Again a simple product that helps me feel a bit more confident in wearing shorter things. As I get older those em lines will drop, but for now I spray tan. Hope you like this tip and adapt it. Be ton, tanned Awesome and Sparkle.



Wearing both of these dresses in fall/winter time.