What I am using this season

Fall/Winter season is here and below are items I am using this season




Nuface Trinity Facial Toning Device is great for in home facials. Benefits include skin tightening, contouring, skin tone improvement and wrinkle reduction with using the light attachment. This is the size I have and now it’s on sale for $276 @nordstrom. Mini version available as well for $169. Nuface site has great tutorial videos on how to use for daily 5 minute facial or more thorough 15 minute facials.


Glam Glow Glitter mask to firm, lift, tighten and tone… with sparkle!!! Of course this is on my list…lol. This is their gravity mud version which I use all the time with fun added. $59 and great product to use for a quick facial, pre makeup application before heading out for the day. With my active social life this season, this gets used.

Kate Summerville Retinol Vita C Power Serum packed with retinol and anti aging acids. Improves firmness, smooths lines and wrinkles as well as brightening. This is an all in one, night time product new to my regiment. Priced at $98 but worth the splurge. Merry Christmas to me!

Patchology Eye Gels a must for this season with all the running around, less sleep and happy hours. De puff, smooth, brighten all things I need around the holiday. $12.75 on sale now. This is my year around staple but especially good for morning routines for hectic holidays.


Activated Charcoal to keep my perlies less yellow. I don’t have super white teeth but since I plan to hit some red wine over the holidays and increase my caffeine intake of coffee and tea, which both stain… this is my staple. It works to whiten teeth. Check how to use it to make sure you are not damaging your enamel and brush away the dingy. $19.99 on amazon with prime shipping, DEAL!!!


Coco & Eve Like a Virgin hair mask

Strengthen & repair, condition, soften & shine as I run around chasing Santa and crossing items off my Christmas gift list. This is my gift to self and once a week keeps my curls HAPPY!! This link is amazon $49 with prime shipping but check deals on social media. I buy the 2 pack for $79 and share with a friend.


MAC Shiny Pretty Things Dazzleliner has just a hint of sparkle perfect for holiday season. I like the added sparkle without it being too grainy as some glitter eyeliners I have tried. This one has soft, non invasive glitter that does not flake so I can’t feel it in my eyes or on my lids. Also comes in blue, silver and gold.