Trendy staples that work

Trends can be something you incorporate easily into your wardrobe and they can even have staying power, but not all things. Animal print is one example of a trend that has staying power. They may be hi lighted some seasons, but having them in your wardrobe will work out well.

This Winter I have seen a bunch of snake print, and the right color/format that I knew would work with my existing wardrobe. These pants are Zara $39.90 sparkly snake print . This color scheme pair well Wirth blue, gray, brown, gold. silver, pink, coral, white, off white, black and that was just what I started with.

Here are various ways I paired these pants so far during Month of Sparkle.

The comfort on these makes them easy to wear and a staple piece for me. Look for things that are timeless and keep coming back in style as trends to adopt, unless you are cool with buying new stuff, at which point shop on! Be Awesome and Sparkle