Fast & Fabulous Nails anywhere, anytime

Ever have something going on and you wanted to get a manicure so your nails can look great, but somehow there is no time. More like, yes all the time is the answer to that. I have the hardest time sitting still after polishing my nails, and I am a trained manicurist, so I know how it can be.

One of my friends had cute nails and I complemented the color to learn they are press on. I was shocked to hear that. Press on takes me back to high school, but these have come a long way.

My first try was these in red with silver/sparkle accent nails and they worked out well. Only issue I had is because of the glitter color. Silver nails were thicker and felt odd as well as got caught on my hair after a couple days. Regular color were fine and easy to wear. I shortened them to an everyday length and wore them for a week.

Removal was super simple without damage. A wooden stick comes in the kit so you can pop the nail up by cuticle and wedge the wooden stick in there to separate press on from natural nail. I would say great for occasions where you need nails, or want longer instant nails at a low cost. But to wear all the time, I don’t think would work for me.

$5.99 per box at Target, beats any manicure or set of gels or acrylics. Here are a couple more color combinations I purchased to try. Black with animal print and blue with gold accent.


Have fun with your manicure, try some bold colors without commitment.Be Awesome and Sparkle.