Decoration lighting

How do you add a light to your door wreath without having a chord show? Well you look for solutions that are cordless. Mine was these LED light strings from Amazon that were inexpensive and battery powered. Yes I though about solar, but I did not want the solar power unit to hang out either. Issue with solar is the battery pack that needs to charge being so big and having to sit in direct sun.

I like my solution a lot. LED light around my door frame and on wreath are powered by AA batteries, so they are lasting a while. They come with a remote and have various speeds. The strand on my Merry Christmas sign is powered by flat disc like batteries but also reusable. I am super happy with these that I can use for decoration year around. There is always another way to get the result you want, and Amazon pretty much has it all. Be Awesome and Sparkle.



Without lighting

With lights

Instant sparkle and focal point on my door


Short string is a pack fo 6 for $9.99

Longer string is a pack of 2 for $12.99

Sparkle by S